As an Alliance we realise that many members have real world responsibilities that will take them away from the game. That is why Eve Engineering provides a platform for casual play styles and long absences; the aim being that pilots have a place they know they can return to without worrying.

Given the varied professions in New Eden, Eve Engineering will always try and find a niche for each of our pilots. As valued members of the Alliance we assist them in their development so that they can be as productive as their time allows.

As an Alliance we pride ourselves on respecting all pilots and any disrespect of fellow Alliance members will not be tolerated.

Eve Engineering offers a range of weekly non-mandatory operations that provides pilots with experience of new professions and helps them to develop their team work, which is much valued by the Alliance.

The Alliance offers a range of tools that are designed to make the professions of New Eden easier to manage along with an extensive and ever-growing knowledge base to assist pilots in learning new skills.

Eve Engineering Charter


Atack of the Carebear

Join Neres Trinity, ComDs and Asuna Akiga each week as we talk about Eve Engineering, Updates to Eve Online, Ice mining, War and even real life.

So join us at: Attack of the Carebear
Email us at attackofthecarebear@gmail.com


Eve Engineering Alliances membership requirements are that:
  • Pilots must have a full active account (no trial accounts).
  • Pilots must have a positive security status.

To apply to a Corporation within Eve Engineering, you will need to have your User ID and API key available.

What does Eve Engineering Alliance offer you?

Eve Engineering offers the following benefits:

  • Access to a TeamSpeak server
  • Access to Operation's Carebear and Foreclosure
  • Years of experience in Mission running, Industry and Mining.

What does my tax pay for?

Any tax collected by individual Eve Engineering Corporations is usually used to re-invest into their Corporation's infrastructure to assist in paying for Starbases and Offices.

Note: This will depend on the individual Corporation requirements and their tax rates will vary according to their commitments.

Is PVP mandatory?

Unlike most Alliances/Corporations PVP is NOT mandatory it is entirely voluntary. Pilots who are interested in defending the Alliance are welcome to do so and those who don't have the skills or don't have time can undertake other activities to help the Alliance. It is, however, recommended that all Alliance members are able to fly Drakes (or equivalent Battlecruiser) and/or CovertOps ships.

What is expected from me as a pilot?

The main requirement for any pilot in Eve Engineering is that you have fun, there is no point doing anything unless you enjoy it.

If you are worried that you can only play a few hours a week or you have to take long breaks DON'T Eve Engineering supports that game play.

I am a CEO looking to join the Alliance?

If you are looking to join Eve Engineering you will need to contact ComDS.


Operation White Carebear

This is a Mining boosting service available in Mitsolen. Contact Sal Com or Elijah3 to be invited to fleet. The better you tip the more likely you are to be set blue and reinvited to the fleet.

Operation Foreclosure

If you want to have your own Customs Offices or Starbase, Eve Engineering keeps several ready for sale please ask ComDS for details on locations.