Eve Engineering

Creating better worlds...

Eve Engineering was founded as an Alliance between a number of specialized and independent Corporations; each having not only a strong sense of purpose but the enthusiasm to excel in their areas of expertise while maintaining a low stress, supportive environment.


As an alliance we realise that many members have real world responsibilities that will take them away from the game. That is why Eve Engineering provides a platform for casual play styles and long absences; the aim being that pilots have a place they know they can return to without worrying.

Given the varied professions in New Eden, Eve Engineering will always try and find a niche for each of our pilots. As valued members of the Alliance we assist them in their development so that they can be as productive as their time allows.

As an Alliance we pride ourselves on respecting all pilots and any disrespect of fellow Alliance members will not be tolerated.

Eve Engineering offers a range of weekly non-mandatory operations that provides pilots with experience of new professions and helps them to develop their team work, which is much valued by the Alliance.

The Alliance offers a range of tools that are designed to make the professions of New Eden easier to manage along with an extensive and ever-growing knowledge base to assist pilots in learning new skills.

Eve Engineering Charter